Our History

So Buzzvape is the brainchild of Kal Wolfson And Loai Badar. Loai is an established tobacco distibution agent who realized the need for an affordable e-liquid that could compete on an international standard but could be produced for the South African vape community and still be affordable. Kal is a vape liquid mixologist with a culinary background. When Kal started vaping he realized that the vape liquids he could afford were very badly made and the vape liquids he liked he couldn’t afford. So this left Kal with no choice but to start making his own flavours where he stumbled on the liquid steeping method he currently coins as “Super sonic steeping”. When Loai and Kal met they new they had to do something great to make there mark and that’s when Buzzvape was born.


We only use the best diacetyl and alcohol free ingredients.

All of our flavours are buzzed and steeped to perfection guaranteeing you the best vape experience out there.